Rules of the Game:

  • Place the ball between the tee markers
  • Count the number of times you kick the ball from the start point to get the ball into the hole
  • Once each player has taken a turn, the player furthest back is the next to play
  • Once at the green (circle around the hole), the player closest to the hole is the first to play
  • If you kick the ball into another player’s ball, both of you receive 1 penalty point (add one to the score)
  • If you kick the ball into the bushes / ditch, you can play the ball from where it lies, or place the ball up to 1 metre back onto the fairway and take 1 penalty point (add one to the score)
  • You may move your ball and place a marker on the ground to allow another player to play through
  • No diving in front of other players when they are kicking the ball
  • Maximum 10 shots per hole.
  • Do not remove the flags from the holes.
  • The balls must be played with a single contact kick (No scooping or rolling).
  • Wait until your ball comes to rest before taking your next shot.

Rules of the Course:

  • All players must respect others on the course and our staff
  • If a group playing behind you is waiting, please offer to allow them to play through
  • We do not serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. However, please remember this is a family run course and we want everyone to enjoy themselves.
  • We do allow football boots (including studs) and recommend you wear either football boots, or shoes with good grip in wet weather.
  • There is no strict dress code. You simply need to wear something comfortable. Fancy dress is encouraged (although please remember it needs to be family friendly)
  • Please do not leave any litter on the course.